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Tools of the Trade

We Guarantee Results when you follow this protocol for Optimal Health:

1- Eat - Consume real, whole, unprocessed foods in quantities that support your daily activity levels.

2- Sleep - A minimum of 7 hours per night. Every night.

3- Train - 5-6 days per week at your relative level of high-intensity. 

4- Think - Learn to properly execute each movement and how it carries over to every aspect of your daily life outside of our training facility.

5- Connect - Have meaningful relationships with like minded individuals who add value to your life.

Simple does not mean easy. Your training is a carefully designed hybrid of athletic functional movements using a combination of the following elements:


Kettlebells force the body to work as one unit.  Movements with this tool reflect the demands we put on our bodies during everyday activities.

The kettlebell is the most versatile element in any fitness regimen.  It is also the most underrated & underutilized training tool.


Kettlebells require dynamic full-body engagement with every repetition and can improve every aspect of your functional work capacity.


Heavy Bag

"To be functional in life and successful in sport, you need to be able to rotate" - coach George Ryan. 


The fitness aspect of boxing & striking provide a unique opportunity develop rotational speed and power, as well as increase strength, stamina, balance, accuracy, agility, endurance, physical awareness, and mental toughness. 

Short high intensity rounds using focus mitts and heavy bags are proven to drastically increase your overall physical capacity, athleticism, and is a great path towards elite fitness.

General Physical Preparedness

Functional fitness or high intensity strength & conditioning and is what we coach.

We offer a hybrid approach to strength & conditioning training intended to develop your overall physical health and fitness.   Become a triple threat and capable to attack any physical or mental demand nature or life throws at you with formidable Strength, Mobility, and Endurance.


Adaptable to any experience level, each workout is designed with the goal of improving every day functional movements like pushing, pulling, pressing, squatting, throwing, jumping, and rotating.


"Learn to train properly; Love to train regularly"

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