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PowerTen BluePrint

We Guarantee Results when you consistently follow this protocol for Optimal Health:

1- Eat - Real, whole and unprocessed foods in quantities that support muscle not body fat.

2- Sleep - A minimum of 7 hours per night. Every night.

3- Train - 4-6 days per week at your relative level of high-intensity. 

4- Think - Positive mindset. All you can control is your Attitude & Effort.

5- Connect - Have deep & meaningful relationships with like minded individuals who add value to your life.

Simple does not mean easy. Your training is a carefully designed hybrid of athletic functional movements, strength & conditioning using the following proprietary programming formula of strength, mobility, and endurance.


Strength & Power development.  Safely perform and execute the big 3 lifts (Press, Squat, Deadlift), and the Olympic lifts (Clean and Snatch), in combination with a multitude of accessory strength work required to be fully functional, get strong, lean, and mobile.


A unique programming combination adaptable to any level, unmatched by any personal trainer or globe gym.

IMG_0336 2.jpg


Aerobic Capacity & Endurance.  Without your engine, you can't go anywhere.  We specialize in developing your ability to do more work by developing your ability to recover quicker, and increase your work capacity through muscular and cardiovascular endurance with our arsenal of Concept 2 equipment, competition kettlebells, and professional coaching.


Functional High Intensity Training.

We offer a hybrid approach to strength & conditioning intended to develop your overall durability.  Become a triple threat and capable to attack any physical or mental demand nature or life throws at you with formidable Strength, Mobility, and Endurance.


Adaptable to any experience level, each workout is designed with the goal of improving every day function, athleticism, and work capacity.


"Learn to train properly; Love to train regularly"

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