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Thursday 11.29.18


For Time

:60 Hollow Hold

50 Boxer Crunches

4 Turkish Get Ups (Left)

40 Ab Mat Situps

4 Turkish Get Ups (Right)

30 Plank Shoulder Taps

4 Turkish Get Ups (Left)

20 Plank Twists

4 Turkish Get Ups (Right)

:60 Hollow Hold


A) 4x 150M Ski Sprintes (:30 Rest)

B) 100 Jabs / 100 Cross

C) 1K Row (R26)


** News & Updates **

- $20 Off December Special -

Applies to Individual Unlimited Memberships

Special Ends Dec 1st.


- Free Friend Friday -

Every Friday, bring a friend for free to any class time.


- Kettlebells 4 Kids Fundraiser Workout -

Originally planned for December 1st

Will be Re-scheduled for Later in December or in New Year - Date and Time TBD.

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