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PowerHouse At Home Workout

Friday March 20, 2020


Jog 5 minutes (light warm up pace) - No place to jog?

Perform 100 Jumping Jacks + 5 Reverse Lunges after every 20 Jacks

If you have a rower, ski erg, fly wheel or stationary bike - do that for 5:00

. . . then . . .

3 Rounds:

10 Inch Worms

10 Plank Shoulder Taps

10 Arm Circles (clockwise & counter clockwise)


STRNG - Accessory: 4 Rounds for Quality Reps: EMOM Style (Every Minute on the Minute)

. . .

1 Min: Right Arm Strict Press (seated or standing)

1 Min: Right Arm Row (use two chairs or deadlift hinge hold)

1 Min: Right Arm Swing (KB or DB)

---------- No rest b/w sets (treat like a continuous 6 minute round) ----------

1 Min: Left Arm Strict Press (seated or standing)

1 Min: Left Arm Row (use two chairs or deadlift hinge and hold)

1 Min: Left Arm Swing (KB or DB)


Push, pull, & hinge along with squatting are the most basic and fundamental movement patterns that you should do with regularity.

. . .

Grab a kettlebell, dumbbell or load up a backpack with filled water bottles or books.

. . .

How heavy? As heavy as you feel comfortable moving.

. . .

If you have a selection, use different weights for each exercise. If the weight is too light you will go UNBROKEN for the full minute each round.

.. .

If the weight is too "heavy" you will spend more time resting during each minute. Not the goal.

. . .

Pic a weight that you can move for 12-15 reps every minute with challenge and still maintain really good quality body position.

. . .

Score component:

Total reps for both sides per round. Score 3 rounds

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