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TUESDAY 4/24/18

On the Minute - 16 Minutes

Minute 1/ 9 Medicine Ball Cleans {20/14}

Minute 2/ :30 Hollow Hold / :30 Second Glove up

Minute 3/ 9 Heavy Bag Strikes {1-2-roll-2)

Minute 4/ Rest

Total 4 Rounds in 16 Minutes

FHIT Lab News-

We are now stocked with our partner Ascent Protein on all of their Natural Whey Protein flavors. Cash is king, but we will be able to charge to your account if requested once your payment options are in place.

We also have our first batch of t-shirts - a small run to gauge sizes but more to come for sure. Give us your feedback and suggestions on t-shirt ideas, sizes, and colors.

Our KB's are on their way and should arrive later this week. This is the bread to our butter of heavy bags. KB's are a great way to build a complete body, along with some serious power lifting, and proper boxing technique - you will be hard to kill.

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