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Friday 7/5/19

"Death By"

With a running EMOM clock Perform -

1 rep in the 1st minute

2 in the 2nd minute

3 in the 3rd minute


Continue in this fashion until you fail to achieve the required reps in the appropriate minute.

You must choose the hardest movement for you possible to perform:


Air Squats

Push Ups

Sit Ups

If you have equipment like kettlebells, ergs, or dumbbells... chose from the following:




If you do not meet the required rep count by the 6:00 mark - Continue with the last completed rep count each minute until the 12:00 mark.

Score is highest rep/minute count completed


* Announcements *

Class Closings

July 4th - July 7th

July 18th - 11:30am

Additional Summer Dates & Times to be added as time progresses

Buds & Suds

- Last Friday of the Month-

5:30PM - 7:30PM

Come grab a cold one after the afternoon class.

All Classes Welcomed.

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